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Well, I’ve never seen no plants grow out of no toilet.

Nice ride today. For most of the day yesterday I was on the fence about going out, but I’d make commitments to go so I did. Thankfully, I can say I don’t regret it.

Considering how hard I’d rode yesterday, I was worried my legs would be trash today. Thankfully they showed up ready to work. Felt really good on the bike. Surprised to even see a few PRs.

After a quick coffee break at Mothership I explored a new route home. Instead of just following my typical work commute route home, I mixed it up some. Stuck with Coronado Center/Pecos Ridge until Eastern. After a quick trip west along Anthem Parkway I turned onto Williamsport to climb up to the Sun City Anthem Center. The climb was much more enjoyable than the Anthem Parkway segment I usually take. Something I’ll keep in mind for future trips.

Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Mostly cloudy-Partly sunny, 83°F-90°F, Feels like 84°F-91°F, Humidity 49%-38%, Wind SW 2mph-N 3mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -8.5%
Headwind: 57% @ 2.8-4.5mph
Longest Headwind: 01h 2m 17s
Air Speed: 16.7mph
Temp: 76.9-83.7°F
Precip: 2% @ 0.01 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 46.41 mi
Max elevation: 2982 ft
Min elevation: 2199 ft
Total climbing: 2608 ft
Total descent: -2655 ft
Total time: 03:52:16

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