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Congratulations, Reg. It’s a squid.

What a gorgeous day for a ride. Temps were perfect, route was outstanding, and the company was awesome!

Got an early start and met up with a few guys at Anthem Hills Park and then rode on down to Pebble Marketplace.

Ride up Horizon Ridge went really well. Kinda hung back some, but enjoyed chatting it up with a few guys. Much of it had to do with the upcoming tour, the logistics, the plan, the route, etc. Future me certainly appreciated it.

After regrouping at the top of Horizon Ridge, the ride over to the dam was a nice cruise. Had a quick stop at Railroad Pass before joining the RMT to ride into Boulder City. Once we pulled out onto BUS-95 from Industrial I spun just enough to get up to speed, tucked, and coasted for the next 3.5 miles. Took a little more pedaling to get up to the new convenience store across from the Lodge for a quick regroup before heading down to the dam. Was nice to take a quick breather and shake out the arms and shoulders. Being tucked for so long made me a little sore. Not something I’m accustomed to for such a duration.

The descent down to the dam and climb up to the Arizona side was great. Nice thing about riding out on Easter Sunday was the lack of traffic. Sure we had to tuck up behind a couple cars crossing the dam, but I’d rather deal with that than bumper to bumper traffic or impatient cars anxious to get around.

Hung around the Arizona side for a few minutes while everyone recovered from the climbing and mentally preparing for the climb back. We all agreed that we’d stop at the convenience store we’d previously regrouped at across from the lodge before making the climb into Boulder City. I was thrilled because they stocked Zingers! What more can a guy ask for?

The climb up from the dam went really well and I was surprised to find myself out front leading everyone. I’m not known for my climbing at all. I’m usually one of the first to fall off the back. After the Lodge stop, the climb into Boulder City went well and I was lucky enough to grab a couple wheels to follow. After turning onto Industrial we took a break to regroup.

A few minutes later we set out to head on back towards Pebble Marketplace. Pretty run of the mill trip across RMT over to UPRR.

Coming across Paseo Verde our Anthem Hills Park Posse decided to continue straight to start heading home while the rest of the group took a right onto Arroyo Grande to return to Pebble Marketplace.

Our Posse had a great ride trying to avoid some of the busier Henderson roads. Makes for a more circuitous route, but certainly more safe. Doesn’t matter how bright you are or how many lights you have drivers are drivers and, for the most part, they aren’t paying nearly enough attention to the roads.

T-Minus 26 days until PCBR.
Give your activities the names they deserve. – by
Clear-Sunny, 57°F-77°F, Feels like 58°F-72°F, Humidity 34%-16%, Wind WNW 3mph-ENE 3mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -6.1%
Headwind: 31% @ 2.8-7.1mph
Longest Headwind: 43m 3s
Air Speed: 16mph
Temp: 52.8-74.2°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 77.68 mi
Max elevation: 3056 ft
Min elevation: 1241 ft
Total climbing: 5478 ft
Total descent: -5504 ft
Total time: 06:11:00

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