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Sunday Wandrer Recovery – 2022.08.21

Another beautiful Sunday morning for a recovery ride. Definitely needed it after yesterday’s horror show.

Woke up early and struggled to get myself out of bed knowing I was getting on the bike. Legs are stiff and have an ache in my right calf. Brain and heart overrode the rest of the body and my feet hit the floor.

Noodled through Inspirada again and picked up the last few miles I missed last week in Wandrer. Checking my “Big Map” I think I have the “lower” section fully covered. Now I’ll start branching out to other neighborhoods.

Time for some breakfast and hanging out with the little darling while taking care of errands. Have a great Sunday everyone!

8.38 new miles —
Partly cloudy-Sunny, 87°F-85°F, Feels like 90°F-88°F, Humidity 49%-53%, Wind SSE 6mph-SSE 4mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -10.4%
Headwind: 56% @ 6.4-14.4mph
Longest Headwind: 19m 36s
Air Speed: 10.4mph
Temp: 79.1-80.4°F
Precip: 2% @ 0.01 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 23.42 mi
Max elevation: 2759 ft
Min elevation: 2481 ft
Total climbing: 825 ft
Total descent: -896 ft
Total time: 02:37:54

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