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Commute Loop – 2022.10.03

Starting to think I may need to find a new route into the office, at least temporarily. Las Vegas Blvd is under construction north of Sunset and it’s closed down to one lane until near Russell. The past couple times I’ve passed through there I drop the hammer and put myself through the ringer to get through. Mostly worried that moving slower will aggravate a driver behind me leading them getting frustrated and me getting hurt. I’m probably over thinking things, but this is Vegas after all.

Absolutely gorgeous sunset this evening. I’d been keeping on the western horizon since I made the right onto Robindale. Was pleasantly surprised that I arrived at the St. Rose pedestrian bridge right at the sunset was peaking. Had to stop and grab some pics.

13.90 new miles — From
Mostly sunny-Partly cloudy, 72°F-88°F, Feels like 72°F-85°F, Humidity 41%-24%, Wind WNW 2mph-E 5mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -5.2%
Headwind: 69% @ 2.5-9.6mph
Longest Headwind: 52m 49s
Air Speed: 16.4mph
Temp: 70.3-85.3°F
Precip: 1% @ 0.02 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 48.44 mi
Max elevation: 2970 ft
Min elevation: 1938 ft
Total climbing: 1884 ft
Total descent: -1958 ft
Total time: 12:40:41
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