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Commute Loop – 2023.03.07

Finally back to commuting to work. I have no problem riding in the rain. I have fenders and a rain jacket to handle the wet. Wind, on the other hand, is something I just don’t do. The past two weeks have seen winds constantly 15+ MPH and gusts well north of that during the work week. We did get lucky with a couple nice days on the weekend, but other than that nada.

The rides were great. I was feeling awesome on the way in. At around 3:00 my stomach started acting up, but I was able to ride home with it still being a little sour. Once I got home I took something to try to help it while also forcing myself to eat some dinner. Now I’m chilling out and relaxing before I crawl into bed and pass out. One more commute this week on Thursday then I’m out of town for Spring Break!

12.75 new miles — From
Mostly sunny-Clear, 47°F-57°F, Feels like 47°F-58°F, Humidity 44%-28%, Wind W 4mph-ESE 4mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 3.1%
Headwind: 58% @ 4.4-10.1mph
Longest Headwind: 08h 59m 45s
Air Speed: 36.1mph
Temp: 38-57.3°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 50.8 mi
Max elevation: 2964 ft
Min elevation: 1688 ft
Total climbing: 2257 ft
Total descent: -2276 ft
Total time: 12:34:52

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