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If history repeats itself, I’m getting a dinosaur

I’m usually not one to shill for one company or another but McGhie’s in Henderson did an amazing job with my bike. I mentioned that I dumped it last weekend trying to avoid smashing into a kid walking along the Union Pacific Railroad Trail. My rear derailleur started acting up immediately after the dump. It would double up and down on the gears. I stuck it out for the remainder of my Saturday ride and decided to get a Sunday ride in before taking it over to McGhie’s for adjustment. While it was there I decided to have them give it their “The Loop Overhaul” treatment. Today being my first ride after the overhaul and it feels like I’m riding an entirely new bike. Everything was just so dang smooth: rolling, pedaling, shifting, braking, etc. I don’t know if it was the bike or something else, but dang all the stats seem to indicate that this ride was on point performance wise. I’m almost afraid to see what happens when I get onto a “real” road bike.

Total distance: 38.67 mi
Max elevation: 2425 ft
Min elevation: 1914 ft
Total climbing: 1769 ft
Total descent: -1753 ft
Total time: 02:44:48

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