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Commute Loop – 2023.08.02

The only way to guarantee to not run into rain on a commute is to mount the fenders.

The morning weather was reporting a good chance of afternoon showers and I didn’t want to take the chance. After Monday’s absolute mess on the way home I mounted my fenders before leaving. Trying to avoid ruining/staining another jersey and pair of bibs. I’m not sure where the black came from but it was bad.

I decided to mix things up a little on the ride in. Instead of turning left on Warm Springs I continued north on Pecos until Harmon. It wasn’t a huge deviation from my normal route, but enough to keep the monotony at bay. The section along Pecos was great with nice asphalt, but Harmon wasn’t the greatest with cracks and heaving.

Things got kinda sketchy at Tamarus. As I approached the intersection I heard a horn blaring and watched as a blue Ford sedan blew through the stop sign to turn right/west onto Harmon. The front end of this sedan was wrecked despite the temporary tag. I watched as they sped west on Harmon weaving across all the travel lanes. They nearly ran up on the sidewalk to the right one time. Continuing west it looked as if they nearly collided with the UNLV entrance sign at Maryland Parkway as they made a left. Watching this was crazy! I reached for my phone to call 911 and report it, but I figured by the time I got stopped and called they’d be long gone.

Left work later than I had anticipated, and by the time I got home it was nearly dark. The ride went well without any excitement like in the morning. I hate getting a late start home because then my night is wrecked; however, I like having fewer cars on the road.

New bike fund: $24.61 (+$0.26)
273 vehicles @ 8.3 per mile, 2.2 per minute, Speeds: 36.6 mph (avg), 63.6 mph (max) —
Mostly cloudy-Sunny, 82°F-94°F, Feels like 84°F-92°F, Humidity 57%-28%, Wind NW 3mph-ENE 6mph — by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 1.1%
Headwind: 75% @ 0.7-9.4mph
Longest Headwind: 58m 38s
Air Speed: 17.3mph
Temp: 79.2-94.6°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 32.99 mi
Max elevation: 2955 ft
Min elevation: 1985 ft
Total climbing: 1531 ft
Total descent: -1541 ft
Total time: 13:30:26
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