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Commute Loop – 2023.09.26

I’ve been itching to ride for a few days now after taking a zero week and not riding over the weekend in order to support Caleb’s in his Silver State 508 race.

Last week was a busy one which simply didn’t allow for any commuting. Tuesday evening I went over to Isabelle’s place for her going away party. No commuting on Thursday because I took the day, and Friday, as annual to go help Caleb. I hate it when my social life gets in the way of my riding.

It should come as no surprise that I felt really good on today’s ride. Legs were fresh, but there was a lingering knot in my right quad. Not bad enough to prevent me from riding, but one of those things you start to notice after a while.

I passed the GVC gang at Cactus as they were riding south along Las Vegas Blvd. We were all stopped at the light and I waited for their light to turn green so I could give a proper wave and whistle. I love running into riders I know on the commute in.

Had an interesting experience with a car on the way home. I was riding south on Valle Verde and approaching Warm Springs. A Camaro passed me just before the intersection flipped on their right blinker and…stopped. They stopped and waited for me to clear them before completing their turn. I think they may have had enough time/distance to complete their turn without issue; however, I was really impressed that they chose to wait. As I went by I made sure to throw both a peace sign and thumbs up.

Overall solid rides today and feeling good. Still investigating adding on some extra miles to my commutes. I’m up to a solid 41 from 37, but my target is 50 a day. If anyone has some suggestions for adding some miles I’m all ears.

New bike fund: $27.61 (+$0.03)
435 vehicles @ 10.5 per mile, 3 per minute, Speeds: 36.7 mph (avg), 62.5 mph (max) — by
Clear-Sunny, 69°F-92°F, Feels like 67°F-91°F, Humidity 28%-9%, Wind SSW 3mph-NE 4mph — by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: -2.6%
Headwind: 33% @ 2.8-10.7mph
Longest Headwind: 20m 45s
Air Speed: 17.4mph
Temp: 69.6-92.1°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 41.43 mi
Max elevation: 3075 ft
Min elevation: 1774 ft
Total climbing: 1841 ft
Total descent: -1841 ft
Total time: 12:04:13
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