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Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank God that you know me and have access to my dementia?

Ugh, I hate that I never went back and wrote about this ride. Now that it’s two weeks old I can’t really remember much about it. I do know that I really made an effort on the Sunrise climb and felt really good at its finish. Beyond that it’s all a blur.

New bike fund: $52.36 (+$0.00)
492 vehicles @ 4.6 per mile, 1.3 per minute, Speeds: 35.8 mph (avg), 63.6 mph (max) — by
Give your activities the names they deserve. — by
Clear-Sunny, 42°F-59°F, Feels like 43°F-65°F, Humidity 69%-35%, Wind W 3mph-ESE 4mph — by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 3.3%
Headwind: 48% @ 0.6-18.3mph
Longest Headwind: 47m 25s
Air Speed: 17.8mph
Temp: 40.8-57.5°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 108.26 mi
Max elevation: 3074 ft
Min elevation: 1259 ft
Total climbing: 5713 ft
Total descent: -5717 ft
Total time: 09:24:04
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