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I can be just as non-competitive as anybody. Matter of fact, I’m the most non-competitive. So I win.

Was one of those mornings where you look at the weather and just don’t wanna. Despite that I made myself get out there and put in some miles.

Overall, the ride went pretty well. Added a few more miles since I’m still trying to get back to where I was before my 3 week break. Sadly, ride was cut short as I nearly rode through a swarm of bees at the Democracy roundabout. Instead of continuing, I made a super quick left down Canyon Retreat. Oh well, will make up for it on the next one.

Clear, 79°F, Feels like 79°F, Humidity 24%, Wind 14mph from SSW – by
Ride name auto generated by

Total distance: 29.41 mi
Max elevation: 3089 ft
Min elevation: 2135 ft
Total climbing: 1825 ft
Total descent: -1857 ft
Total time: 02:16:42
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