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That’s how we do it people!

I love it when Bandok comes up with a perfect name for a ride. 25 achievements on Strava including 15 personal records. Funny thing is most of those records were because I wasn’t going against the wind like I was the first time I rode those segments.

Happy with the progress I’ve made at increasing my ride mileage. Up to nearly 32 miles today which is a few short of what I was regularly riding last month. Next planned ride should be on Saturday, but not sure exactly what route I’ll go. Doubt I’ll go much further than I did today as my knee is continuing to flare up, especially toward the end of the ride. Can’t wait to get these last pounds off so I can start the process of getting my new ride.

Clear, 74°F, Feels like 74°F, Humidity 8%, Wind 9mph from NNE – by
Ride name auto generated by

Total distance: 31.87 mi
Max elevation: 3208 ft
Min elevation: 2406 ft
Total climbing: 1657 ft
Total descent: -1656 ft
Total time: 02:15:08
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