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You get hurt, hurt ’em back. You get killed… walk it off.

Feel a little like a cheat with the distance on this one. Added a little more than a half mile to this typical ride by doing a loop through Acacia Park refilling a water bottle. Then I cheated again when I got home and my computer read 37.99 miles. I said, “Awww man seriously?”, hit resume on the computer and went down to the end of the road and came back. Just enough to put me over the top.

Overall not my best run. Didn’t have nearly the amount of energy as I’ve had on previous rides. Think some of it was taken up with the wind. I think “8 MPH” is an underestimation. The worst legs of the ride were along Via Inspirada to LVB and from Acacia Park along Horizon Ridge to GVP. Hit PRs on the Via Inspirada to LVB segments because of the tail wind, but I’ll take it.

Now to sit back and relax for the next couple days. Normally, next ride would be on Friday, but have my annual checkup that morning. Won’t be done early enough to get out there without catching fire. So will hold off until Saturday morning instead.

Clear, 78°F, Feels like 78°F, Humidity 10%, Wind 8mph from SSW – by
Ride name auto generated by

Total distance: 38.13 mi
Max elevation: 3198 ft
Min elevation: 2024 ft
Total climbing: 2327 ft
Total descent: -2344 ft
Total time: 03:03:24

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