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This is the most public yet of my many humiliations.

Had a disappointing start to the day. I’ve been trying to get my weight down to 200 pounds, and I start each week with a weigh in. On Mondays, before I start my day, I get on the scale and check my progress. I’ve been hovering around my target weight for a month, and last week (6/29) I was at 201 on the button. I thought for sure I’d get on this morning and be under but didn’t happen. Actually up 0.4 pounds. Disappointed for certain, but I checked the details (it’s an electrical resistance scale) and I was down half a pound of fat mass but up a full pound of lean mass. While I may need to wait another week to hit my goal, at least I’m continuing to put on muscle and drop fat.

With that kind of introduction and seeing that I nearly broke my previous Vegas valley distance personal best (Be yourself) one might think I was out punishing myself at the perceived failure. Not true! I’d actually put this ride together last night with the goal of more than 40 miles. I’ve been shying away from longer rides because I’ve had a few cases of hard bonks at around 35 miles. Even that ride I linked to above I had a hard bonk and was just dead for 30 minutes after getting back to my car. I realized with Saturday’s ride that I need to allow myself to eat something despite my weight loss goals. For today’s ride I took both a bottle full of Gatorade (20 oz.) and a Cliff bar. The Gatorade I nursed for most of the ride switching between it and water while eating the Cliff bar along the 215 trail between Gibson and Acacia Park.

Overall, I’m really happy with today’s ride and how I felt when I got home. I was definitely tired, but not dead bonk exhausted which was a nice change. Relaxed and cooled down while enjoying another Gatorade (32 oz., G/2). Already eyeing the map to see where I want to go to topple that distance record I set back in February.

Clear, 79°F, Feels like 79°F, Humidity 11%, Wind 5mph from SSW – by
Give your rides the names they deserve. –

Total distance: 44 mi
Max elevation: 3193 ft
Min elevation: 2014 ft
Total climbing: 2380 ft
Total descent: -2400 ft
Average speed: 17.20 mi/h
Total time: 03:11:52

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