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Today was a rough one. Dropped near 20 minutes from my best time on this route. Granted that best time didn’t include the breaks to refill water bottles. Regardless I still dropped 10 minutes from the last time I did this exact route with the water breaks included.

I’m really surprised to see the results though. I felt absolutely defeated when I got back to the house. The wind may have officially clocked around 13 MPH but there were gusts that were easily double that. With them coming out of the southwest it made me look like a hero along St Rose but destroyed me along Horizon Ridge.

Oh and did I mention the heat? My Garmin recorded a low of 89.6°F and a high of 107.6°F. Insane considering I started just after 6:00 a.m. To add insult to injury, I hit that high temperature right at the top of the Shadow Canyon climb.

On a positive note I weighed in this morning, like I do every Monday morning, and came in at 199.5! Surpassing my goal by a half pound! Super excited as this kicks off the process of getting a new ride. Finally get to hang up my 2009 Trek 6000 MTB and get a real road bike. Already picked up the new shoes and scheduled the pre-fit appointment. Can’t wait!

Clear, 88°F, Feels like 88°F, Humidity 14%, Wind 13mph from SW – by
Give your rides the names they deserve. –

Total distance: 38.02 mi
Max elevation: 3192 ft
Min elevation: 2035 ft
Total climbing: 2407 ft
Total descent: -2429 ft
Total time: 03:13:15

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