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I’ve been trying to read more lately and have been met with limited success. Some books I can race through in a matter of hours while others I toil through over the course of months.

More and more during my reading I’ve tried to be mindful of passages that strike me as significant. This idea to be mindful started when I picked up Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. Since then I’ve looked for passages that either speak to me or may have some deeper meaning. In some of the books I read, primarily modern fiction, this is difficult. But I find it much easier in older works.

The idea to publish and share what I felt were significant passages came to me while jotting down a few pieces from John Muir’s The Mountains of California. My plan is to share the passages here as I come across them during my reading, but to start I want to share the passages from The Count of Monte Cristo that started this whole idea.

When one is showing a friend round a city that one already knows, one does so with the same coquetry as when showing off a woman who has been one’s mistress.

Mankind will not be perfect until it can create and destroy like God. It can already destroy: that’s half the battle.

Only a weak spirit sees everything from behind a dark veil.

So there are three passages that I was able to pull from The Count of Monte Cristo. What I’d like to do for future posting is include a brief description of why it spoke to me or why I selected it.

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