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There’s a humorous side to every situation. The challenge is to find it.

Had to get up early to get my first miles in on the new wheels. I haven’t been on a significant ride in 16 days, and have been patiently waiting to try my new ride for six weeks.

I’ve been waiting because I wanted to get the new bike 100% dialed in and fitted before taking it on any long ride. I wanted the first ride to be a true impression of the bike. I must say that all the time, money, and effort I put in really paid off. I put in 32 miles this morning and, while I was tired, I wasn’t drop to the floor, puke, and die tired like I’ve done to myself before after taking a break from riding.

I’m super excited to put more miles on this black beauty.

Clear, 82°F, Feels like 82°F, Humidity 45%, Wind 7mph from S – by
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Total distance: 32.11 mi
Max elevation: 3194 ft
Min elevation: 2385 ft
Total climbing: 1794 ft
Total descent: -1834 ft
Total time: 02:25:42
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