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Rides on 2020.09.06

Can It You Nit! (Ride there)

Even after my great ride yesterday morning I wanted to put in some more miles today. With another heat warming in the area, riding requires morning rides, but my daughter has riding lessons I don’t want to miss. So loaded up early and headed over to the ranch.

Clear, 82°F, Feels like 82°F, Humidity 14%, Wind 3mph from WSW – by

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your life. (Ride home)

After my daughter’s lesson I said a quick goodbye and hit the road. I knew I was racing the weather to try to get home quick to avoid as much heat as possible.

Along the way I tried to take the first half through Southern Highlands easy to save my legs for the climbs in Anthem. Surprised to see that my overall power was down, but I was as fast, if not a hair faster, as last week’s ride. Overall felt really good considering the awful heat, and looking forward to doing it again next weekend.

Clear, 94°F, Feels like 94°F, Humidity 9%, Wind 3mph from ENE – by

Total distance: 34.54 mi
Max elevation: 3093 ft
Min elevation: 2327 ft
Total climbing: 1831 ft
Total descent: -1921 ft
Total time: 03:45:10

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