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Morning Commute – 2020.09.09

Have been looking forward to this ride since hearing that cooler weather would be blowing in last week. I had originally planned on riding in to work yesterday, but the idea of riding in 20-40 MPH winds changed my mind at the last minute. After driving to work I’m glad I opted out.

My current plan is to try to commute the remainder of the week, which I’m super excited about. The ride in this morning was absolutely gorgeous. I started with my light jacket, and by the time I go to campus I couldn’t peel it off fast enough. Looking forward to the ride home with, hopefully, a nice tailwind.

Clear, 59°F, Feels like 59°F, Humidity 21%, Wind 13mph from N – by

Total distance: 16.72 mi
Max elevation: 3012 ft
Min elevation: 2007 ft
Total climbing: 386 ft
Total descent: -1306 ft
Total time: 01:05:29

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