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Challenge everything

“Strike that, reverse it.”, that’s the theme of this ride. Was talking with my wife the other evening about how I dislike grinding up Democracy on EVERY ride. It’s just one of those things living up in Madeira Canyon you have to deal with. Maybe once I upgrade to a road bike it won’t be as much of an issue, but right now on my MTB it isn’t so great.

Overall, felt really good at the end, even refreshed. Get the feeling that I’m regaining my endurance levels and need to extend my rides a little bit more.

Clear, 83°F, Feels like 83°F, Humidity 18%, Wind 4mph from SW – by
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Total distance: 26.86 mi
Max elevation: 3196 ft
Min elevation: 2300 ft
Total climbing: 1490 ft
Total descent: -1499 ft
Average speed: 18.48 mi/h
Total time: 01:50:39
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