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Commute Loop – 2022.07.20

Looks like it’s about time for a new heart rate monitor (HRM) and a tune on the rear derailleur. Both were really ticking me off. HRM took 10-15 minutes to finally connect to my computer and the rear derailleur was bouncing all over the place until I finally stopped cranked on the adjustment barrel. Super frustrating when you just want to ride.

I’d set out this morning with the goal to stay at, or below, zone 2 to try to start rebuilding after my 6 weeks off. Today was the first and last of that idea. I just can’t make myself go that easy. I don’t know how else to explain it. I was cruising across Volunteer and I felt like I was doing nothing and to make things worse it was hard to try to keep my heart that slow. Going to just focus on riding, the fitness will come.

Overall felt really good today. This morning I almost talked myself out of riding because of the threat of afternoon heat. I remembered that I never regret going out so I sucked it up and rode in. And I didn’t regret it. Was definitely a warm one. I think sitting out in the heat for an hour during lunch reading a book has helped me to acclimate to the heat some. Just made sure to drink at each and every stop, regardless of if I felt I needed/wanted it or not.

Nice day off the bike tomorrow before commuting in again on Friday.

Partly sunny-Mostly cloudy, 92°F-109°F, Feels like 88°F-105°F, Humidity 20%-11%, Wind W 4mph-SW 8mph – by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 0.3%
Headwind: 60% @ 3.7-14.4mph
Longest Headwind: 09h 58m 34s
Air Speed: 66.5mph
Temp: 76.9-104.3°F
Precip: 1% @ 0.01 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 35.28 mi
Max elevation: 2954 ft
Min elevation: 1961 ft
Total climbing: 1467 ft
Total descent: -1505 ft
Total time: 12:27:10

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