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Anger is more useful than despair

I use to automatically generate my ride names and this one feels so appropriate.

Throughout much of the day I’d been in a sour mood with a dark cloud hovering over my head. Sure there were bright points, like UNLV defeating UNM, but despite that bright point I still had this funk. I’d been looking forward to my ride for greater part of the day, and as it got late I started getting frustrated that I might not get any miles in. This just compounded the issue with my mood.

My rides are my Zen time. I’ve tried meditation in the past and it just doesn’t click, but when I’m out on my bike my world, and whatever may be bothering me, just melts away and there is nothing left but me, my bike, and the road in front of me. So when I got home, despite the hour, I forced myself to load up and head out. I’m happy I did.

Total distance: 34.51 mi
Max elevation: 2424 ft
Min elevation: 1906 ft
Total climbing: 1449 ft
Total descent: -1461 ft
Total time: 02:26:27

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