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Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race Of Skeleton People

Almost killed a kid tonight. Not really, but it was a close call. Was getting ready to fly across Paradise Hills Drive and didn’t see the family coming my direction. I came around the left and the youngest was right in front of me. It was getting late, around dusk, the had no lights with them, and this is easily the most poorly lit part of the UPRR trail. Thankfully I was able to get woahed up before hitting him, but almost pulled a full endo and dumped the bike. Dad was there and heard him saying, “Sir are you ok? I’m so sorry.” To which I replied that I was fine, it wasn’t the kids fault, and I was flying. I need to remember to be a little more careful.

Total distance: 34.57 mi
Max elevation: 2436 ft
Min elevation: 1915 ft
Total climbing: 1428 ft
Total descent: -1430 ft
Total time: 02:45:26

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