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Breakfast Commute – 2024.02.09

Today started off great. I rode down to Scrambled like usual and was pleasantly surprised to find Kant sitting there waiting for me. Sure I’d invited him to breakfast so him being there wasn’t that surprising. However, seeing him all kitted up from having ridden over from his place in Summerlin was quite the surprise! Breakfast was amazing and the company wasn’t too shabby either. I think we both would have loved to have hung out and chatted more, but I certainly needed to get to the office. All in all we hung out for about an hour.

Along the way to work I had to make an unscheduled pit stop at Paradise-McLeod Park for a quick bathroom break using the bathroom before I left Scrambled. Serves me right for having four cups of coffee I guess.

Today was a slow day at work. I’m kinda thankful as it gave me time to work on some writing that I’ve been procrastinating for the entire week. Made some progress, but nearly as much as I would have liked to have made.

The ride home was pretty chill until Anthem Hills Park. I kept with my new routine of smashing it as best I can from there to the house. Once at the house I was pretty well spent. Peeled myself out of my riding gear and set about to relax for the remainder of the evening.

New bike fund: $52.60 (+$0.18)
391 vehicles @ 11.3 per mile, 2.9 per minute, Speeds: 34.3 mph (avg), 58.0 mph (max) — by
Cloudy-Light rain, 40°F-50°F, Feels like 43°F-46°F, Humidity 78%-57%, Wind NW 2mph-NNE 5mph — by
myWindsock Report —
Weather Impact: 2.8%
Headwind: 40% @ 1.9-12.8mph
Longest Headwind: 08h 50m 54s
Air Speed: 15.9mph
Temp: 38-48.7°F
Precip: 0% @ 0 Inch/hr
— END —

Total distance: 34.88 mi
Max elevation: 2968 ft
Min elevation: 1899 ft
Total climbing: 1765 ft
Total descent: -1759 ft
Total time: 11:53:40
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